A Hot Mess!: August 2006

Tyra -- Where Are You Now!?

Thursday, August 31, 2006
And this girl is a model WHY!?

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Naima from ANTM

Someone please explain this to me. Her face looks looks like a chocolate chip cookie. I don't get it...I really don't.

We won't EVEN talk about the baby hair. GAH, I hate baby hair. Her and Mya...

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This is just too easy.

Tati on Christina Milian being poor:
"when i saw that video of christina milian rollin' around in oil when oil got super expensive in the united states, i knew that she would eventually go bankrupt."

People have been telling me that they heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a dog that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were either broken up or on the verge. I can honestly say that I am too excited because she is a rebound that has just gone too far.

Blah Blah Blah
Quick! Someone go tell John Legend to console his man!

Superhead sucks

I think John Mayer is trying to tell us something.

Posh Spice has a bookcoming out. Now before you say "BUT I THOUGHT SHE COULDN'T READ OR WRITE?" just go to the link. It's just a book about fashion. It's probably just a picture book anyway.

Jessica Simpson LURVES her John Mayer.

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Toastee's dirty little not-so-secret.

We all know that Toastee from Flava of Love has a spotted past (no pun intended, I swear), and although 90% of the interworld has seen her cooch, this video is waaaay more interesting than a few grainy nudes.



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We all knew Christina Millian was having some money woes, but I didn't know it would get THIS bad.

Girlfriend is selling half of her tacky wardrobe on ebay! With a username like "beatdownprincess," she's already got my sympathy bid.

So if you're a Christina Millian fan...
...or if you are looking for some cheap designer clothes, check out her page.

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Where's the Beef?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And just when you thought everything was right in the world, 50 Cent puts out a diss track about P. Diddy.

my favorite part:
"I guess this means I won't be invited the white parties in the Hamptons. I don't give a F*ck. I don't wanna hang out with yo punk ass noway."

For a minute I couldn't figure out who I hated more out of 50 cent or Puff Daddy but then I remembered two things:

What kind of name is Danity Kane? Where did Diddy get that mess from? The "What would your Street Fighter character's name be?" generator where all you have to do is put in your pets name, birthday, and favorite color?

The sound of me upwrapping a tampon sounds better than her voice.

I'm really suprised 50 didn't diss Cassie in the song.

But then again, 50 did say:
""(The president) is incredible... A gangsta. I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.""

Source: Allhiphop Messageboard

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Video Music Awards

Everyone has posted VMA pictures so i'm not going to even bother because I'm sure you've seen them all and more.

But there were a few that stood out:

C'mon now. He has just taken it too far. He really does look like a turtle. I just can't get over all of that in his mouth. I bet his teeth look like rocks now.

This picture just rubs me the wrong way. I bet Bam Margera was all like "WHAT'S UP BRO? WILL YOU BE MY NEW BLACK FRIEND? I'M DOWN WITH BLACK PEOPLE MUSIC. I LOVE YOUR PEOPLES MUSIC." Plus, he just looks like a complete tool. Gloves with the fingers cut off? Lol.

Chris Brown is just so cute. I really like his hoodie. Are those really put out cigarettes on it?

Remy Ma and Method Man are the black Sid & Nancy. She really does look like Nancy Spungen in that picture and it's mainly because of the hair.

Jojo has really grown into a beautiful young woman. I'm going to pull a Wendy Williams and say that I think her and Chris Brown are going to end up hooking up. I called Bow Wow and Cassie so i'm going to call this one.

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Mess of the moment.


what the fuck?

Rob and I's commentary on this.

Erin - Did you see that picture of Aretha Franklin?
Rob- YES whereeeeeeeeeee did you find that pic!? She has the titties of life. She could feed all of Africa or something
Erin - Yeah I was rollin' when I found it.
Rob - That's CRAZY who let her walk out of the house like that!?
Erin - I KNOW RIGHT? It's like... Does she have a maid? A publicist? Friends?
Rob - If small children come up to you and their tongues are wagging something is wrong

And you know when she was up there singing people were ooh girl-ing her. You are the Queen of Soul Aretha. Let's get it together!

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Are you the ULTIMATE Flava of Love fan?


Flava's peeps posted this on a myspace bulletin (pure class, as always):

Do you know everything there is to know about Flav and the girls? Why not put your knowledge to good use by attending the taping of the Flavor of Love Season 2 Reunion.
Youll get an opportunity to ask questions of your favorite cast members, hear them revisit good times and bad, and even to be among the first to find out how things went for the girls after their time was up.
The taping will be held in Los Angeles during the afternoon of Saturday, September 16, 2006. The taping is FREE but by invitation ONLY. So to secure your spot at what is gonna be one of the hottest reunions in VH1 History, write us at: Flav_Reunion@yahoo.com.
In your email, please include the following information: Your First Name, Your Age & Sex, Your city of residence, Your contact numbers, and email address, The number of people that you wish to bring to the reunion.
You will be contacted by a producer if he requires more information OR if you are selected for the audience.
You must be over 18 to attend the taping and have your own transportation to the taping in Los Angeles. The production cannot provide lodging or transportation.

Props for including the "YOU MUST BE OVER 18" in there - Flava > Kobe > R. Kelly

Nicky Hilton is back to brunette, thank God. Who cares if the bitch still can't hide her face, and while I might want to, I won't blame her for that.


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The fact that Ginuwine is back is pretty ironic because I've been having my "throwback month" and listening to a bunch of old school R&B. Just the other day I asked myself "What happened to GInuwine?" So I did what any smart person would do. I checked Wikipedia. They said that he was coming out with something in Fall 2006 but I didn't think it'd actually come out. I thought that it'd be shelved.

Ginuwine - Can You Tell It's Me
This song is pretty good. Maybe this wil inspire a lot of the other greats to come back. They are saying that Tevin Campbell might be coming back, too. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

Michael Rodriguez and her supposed girlfriend.

My best guess is that Michelle R. finally realized that we would never, EVER believe she was straight. Eddie? Usher? Now it's y'alls turn.

Here are some pictures of Beyonce Jr. at the VMA's:

Say it with us Rihanna: BANGS! BANGS!BANGS!

and what was Eric Benet's dumbass doing at Paris Hilton's album launch? Oh I know. He lost his career and he thought maybe he'd find it there.


Ne-Yo and his publicist have slammed rumours that he is gay.

"-Yo and cheerleaders at the Fourth Annual Charity Shootout hosted by Star Financial at Madison Square Garden, benefitting Robin Hood and Human Rights First. New York City, USA - 10.07.06

The SO SICK singer's publicist has slammed reports the singer will announce he is gay during a New York City press conference this week (begs28AUG06) and insists that he will also not be coming out in the latest issue of Essence magazine.

Ne-Yo, real name SHAFFER CHIMERE SMITH, was forced to address the claims after an e-mail was circulated on the internet purportedly including quotes from the interview, which are attributed to a woman named BARBRA.

A Def Jam representative says, "It's completely false. There isn't a staff member by that name at Essence, nor is Ne-Yo going to be featured in the October issue of the magazine."



Jessica Biel may be next
Paris Hilton's album is flopping. Act suprised. No. Try it.
Hilary Duff visits Katrina victims Maybe they gave her some Po' boys. She needs it.
Lol at Star saying Katie Holmes is plotting her escape. Well I guess they ruined it for her.

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Danity Kane sells more than OUTKAST



I think probably for the first time EVER, someone has outsold Outkast first day out the gate....and who is it you might ask?

Danity Kane.

Yes, the Diddy named group with the made up name & fame has sold more than 38,000 more records than Outkast to sit somewhat pretty atop the Billboard 100.

How did it happen?! Andre and Big Boi could never do wrong in some people's eyes, yet their movie debuted #9 with only $7.5 million dollars. That's....not great.

But here are we are...they are #2 and a MTV band is #1.

And this is the first #1 Bad Boy Records has had since the "Bad Boys 2" Soundtrack and that awful song "Shake A Tailfeather" -- let's not let our minds drift back to such traumatic times though...

I for one personally vote that Outkast should send some ATLiens to abduct Danity Kane and send them back to obscurity...anyone else vote Aye? - That One

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short Future Sex/ Love Sounds review

Like most people, when I heard that CRAP that they call SexyBack I almost fell out. People have been IMing, e-mailing, and livejournaling me this album but I was just too afraid to even listen to it. Out of nowhere my boyfriend started playing it and yeah at first we were like "This is GARBAGE." But then all of a sudden, as if Timbaland had woken up out of a deep dark coma ( see: Nelly Furtado's latest pile of shit album) the album got off the hook. I'm so mad that they released SexyBack as a single. Who's bright idea was that? Was it some sort of joke? The first few songs sound like they should be on the soundtrack for NBA Jam but maybe they will grow on me? If I start doing meth and going to sketchy dance clubs? To me this album has a bit of an old school R&B feel to it with some crunk added in, depending on what song you are listening to. And you know what? This album is even better if you ignore the fact that he is singing about The Joker.

I'm a nice girl so I will link you to two of the songs that really suprised me. I'm not going to link to the whole album because people are saying that the one that got linked is sort of incomplete. I'm glad because for a minute there I thought they were serious about all of those SexyBack Club, Euro, Miami, Gay, etc remixes.

Chop Me Up Ft. Timbaland and Three Six Mofia
This song is so crunk. I had to turn it off and walk it off because I couldn't believe how tight the beat was. If they don't officially release this as a single then i'm sure some hip hop station will.

My Love ft. T.I. This song is sexy as hell. Good job, Timbaland. You had me scared for a minute.

Future Sex/Love Sounds drops September 12. I didn't think i'd be buying it but I think i'm gonna get it on vinyl.

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Justin's Mom misses Britney :(

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
GLA reports:

Justin Timberlake's mother still misses her son's ex-lover Britney Spears. The "SexyBack" singer's mother Lynn Harless, who is also his manager, has spoken out about how devastated she was when the young couple broke up in March 2002. Lynn revealed: "Britney grew up on my living room floor. I still love her to death. Justin and Britney were together 10 or 11 years, and from day one they had that chemistry between them."
Since their split Justin has launched a successful solo career and started dating Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. Britney married her former dancer Kevin Federline, took a break from singing, had a son, Sean Preston, and is currently expecting her second child. Lynn admits she is worried about the "Toxic" singer and hates the constant negative reports claiming her marriage is in trouble. She added: "Britney is a sweet girl. I just hate what she's going through now."

Uhhhhhh thanks for that, Lynn.
The only thing that jumps out of the article and screams LOL is the fact that Cameron Diaz was mentioned in all of one sentence.

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lol @ Tina Knowles looking like The Joker.

US Weekly is reporting that Jessica Simpson exclusively revealed that she is dating JOHN MAYER. I don't really have words for this. I guess he is falling off so hard that he had to stoop low and date her ass. Give it 3 months before Nick Lachey has a single about it and one month before Papa Joe starts getting over protective over his object of affection his daughter. The issue hits tommorow.

Source: US Weekly reporter via KIIS FM

Don't Mess with Tina Knowles or you'll get suspended from your job. Beyonce's mamma went on Hot 97 to thank Miss Jones for always talking about her and Beyonce and Miss Jones apparently replied with "Actually you should thank MAC make-up for hiding all of that oldness you have on your face. Now you look like the joker. " Damn, that's pretty crunk. I think Miss Jones and Foxy Brown should just team up and have their own reality show where Foxy Brown goes around beating people up and Miss Jones just talks shit about everybody.

I thought Natasha Lyonne died from an overdose?
Nicole Richie looks hungry doesn't she?
Shar Jackson lookin' rough.

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Meredith says "My bad!!"

As usual, the press turned around something that was said in an interview and heads almost began to roll. Meredith Vieira was quoted saying that "The View" had become "A Joke" but she's now saying that this isn't what she said was taken out of context. "I felt that the media was turning ["The View"] into a joke, not that the show was a joke," she says"

Nice way to save your ass before Barbara Walters and Co. start showing up in your dreams the same way Fairuza Balk, Rachel True, and Neve Cambell did to Robin Tunney in "The Craft"

Damn! Watch Tara Reid get dissed at club Hyde while they just let Paris Hilton walk the hell in. They let the girl that was in "House of Wax" in before the "American Pie" star?! C'mon now. This almost as comfortable to watch as the Cassie "Me & U" performance on BET. Almost. You can just see the hurt in Tara's eye. They even let the nobody that was with Paris in. Wow.

Source: TMZ

RING THE ALARM! because Beyonce has once again said/done something stupid! B is once again being called out by PETA for the way a baby alligator was treated on her promo photoshoot from TrainwreckB'Day.

"BEYONCE KNOWLES has been reprimanded by animal rights group People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after boasting about taping a baby alligator's mouth shut at a photo shoot for her new album. After consulting with British reptile biology expert CLIFFORD WARWICK, PETA activists are snapping back at the pop star for allowing something so cruel to take place. Knowles upset the animal activists by telling September's (06) Arena magazine that the taping incident was "my bright idea," adding the reptile was so distressed, "he peed on me." Warwick has now teamed up with PETA to make sure Knowles knows that what she did was both cruel and insensitive. In a letter to the pop star, he writes, "Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo-shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal. "Humans have historically treated alligators badly. Skin and meat traders ranch them and slaughter them via slices through their spinal cords or bludgeon them with hammers. The alligator you handled probably faces this same end, after a life of confinement in captivity. "It seems a great pity that this animal's problems should be added to in the course of promoting your own work."

WHERE WAS HOVA WHEN SHE WAS SAYING ALL OF THIS? She should have learned her lesson from last time when PETA jumped on her ass for using fur in her clothingline House of Dereon. I'm sure Rihanna smiled when she found this out.

Source: ONTD

Lance and Reichen "Out" and About
MK and Ashley looking high.
Foxy "Inga" Brown -- "Yeah, I attacked a few manicurists." Man, she kept it TOO real. She hit someone in the face with a CELL PHONE!

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Hello awkward.

Monday, August 28, 2006

FUCKING CALL THE TORONTO HAIRDRESSER. Engaged couple (God, that hurt) Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy were seen TOGETHER! boarding a plane with Eddie's six kids, Christian, Bria, Mitchell, Shayne Audry, Zola Ivy, and Bella Zahra.
Y'know, now that I see all the names together, it looks like they got more and more fucked up as time went on.

P.S. Do I spy a Latoya Jackson lookalike?


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He's giving candy to kids now.

"There might be no way out left for drug addict Pete Doherty as he was again at the center of all the attention at the London rehabilitation Priory Clinic. Following the incident in which
he let it all out on an unsuspecting male nurse and then trashed his own room, the alleged fiancé of the supermodel Kate Moss is again in trouble.

This time, when the guard assigned to his room was absent, Pete slipped into the adolescent wing of the clinic and was found exactly when he was trying to pass to a young man a small quantity of the killer A-listed drug. The now irrecoverable addict was escorted back to his own ward and into his room. His solicitor was summoned and the matter was settled between him and the management of the clinic.

The solicitor was warned that, if something like this ever happens again, Doherty will be banned from every Priory Clinic all over the United Kingdom. Even more, another bodyguard was placed outside his door, to make sure that the rocker doesn't go rumbling into other wards again.

A source from the posh clinic told one of the British newspapers that this may be the last chance at clemency that Pete gets. 'Pete's been drinking in The Last Chance Saloon for years. This is it. He has broken his bail by having drugs and shown contempt for the law and morality yet again. These are impressionable kids addicted to drugs. The last thing they need is a junkie rock star turning up with a wrap of cocaine', he said about the latest Doherty misadventure. "


There is a crazy amount of Oscar buzz around the movie "Dreamgirls" ( people are saying as many as 8 nominations are possibly in the air! ) but the real Cinderella story behind all of this is Jennifer Hudson( far right ), who is possibly in the running for Best Supporting Actress.

If Beyonce wins anything you will see a grown woman cry on a webcam.


I'd be really pissed off if I worked my ass off to be in the broadway play "Chicago" only to find out that the reason people are showing up is because USHER IS IN IT. I hope Chili shows up and just starts throwing crap at him.


Kristy from The Baby Sitters Club sings now? Wow. Check out her Myspace, dudes! That song "Hello"...I hate to say it...but I'm feeling it.

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