A Hot Mess!: Fantasia's New Album

Fantasia's New Album

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Now I am a big fan of Fannie (ROFL say THAT 5 times fast -- and get your mind out of the gutter!).

But, so far, the first half of the album has some decent cuts. I love "When I See U". But she has a track titled "Uneligible."

*scratches head*

After running to take a quick peek at m-w.com, there is not really such a word as uneligible. INeligible, yes. But, un? No. You have to check the abridged version of the dictionary...which, basically means, that it is not a word that anyone uses...

Did she learn how to read yet? Just asking.*

Some highlights fam:

  • "Hood Boi", which is the chickenhead anthem of 4th Quarter, 2K6 (gon' head pretty nigga!! LOL, dead.)
  • "I Nominate You", which basically a new way of saying "You're the bomb boy, I lovessssss you". Fannie keeps it hood, and I don't know what her man is nominated for...but that's kinda wack, because I wonder if there are OTHER nominees as well? LOL
  • "Only One U", which is a pretty decent midtempo track...
  • "I'm Not That Type", if you want some funky bass rhythms and pitter patter track...it evolves into a big hook though...it sounds like a Missy track.
  • "Surround U", which has some nice piano work, feels old school. Swizz Beats Da Monsta ya'll!
Otherwise, Fannie has some interesting material and music this time around...def. not like the last album. She takes a page from Monica's book and shows her hood side, which is REALLY believable LOL. She offers up strong vocals throughout -- the slower/midtempo songs kind of disappoint, which is the reverse of her previous album IMO.

Am I gonna buy this on Tuesday? Hmmm...not sure yet. If she had live versions of these songs, a resounding YES. Because she KILLED "Hood Boy" on Leno -- this was an awesome performance.

Check it out...leave some comments...

- That One

* I am pretty sure she ain't write the song -- but didn't Clive catch this? Someone? Anyone? Where is Mavis Beacon or Webster when you need them!!
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