A Hot Mess!: This is getting stupid

This is getting stupid

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lil' Wayne once gave props to Jay-Z. Now, he's throwing shots at Jigga.

"I'm better than him," he boldly told Complex Magazine. "I'm 24 years old. ... I'm 13 years deep with five albums and 10 million records sold."

He went even further.

"I don't like what he's saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop's dead and we need him...What the f--- do you mean? If anything it's reborn, so he's probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, 'Yo, this is Jay's house. He's the best.' Now he comes back and still thinks it's his house. ... It's not your house anymore, and I'm better than you."


Oh lawd, enough already! The only thing worse than Fraggle Rock coming back in the first place is all these underlings validating him with all these little potshots. Wayne, you are the last person who needs to be talking reckless right now. I mean, Jay-Z talked about skeeting on Nas' daughter's car seat. Do you think he'll hesitate to tear you to shreds over your "relationship" with Birdman? Close your mouth and sit down.
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