A Hot Mess!: Britney & Paris' texts hacked!

Britney & Paris' texts hacked!

Monday, December 04, 2006

**Before we get any confusion and hate-mail, this is a PARODY. It's hilarious but it's not real, no matter how likely it may be. TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE YOU LEAVE COMMENTS.**

I found this over at MSNBC Gossip. It's a rendering of what texts between Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan might have been like in those few frenzied days when Britney and Paris especially were practically inseparable. This mess is funny! Here are some of my favorite parts:

Nov. 25
Heirhead (4:35:36 PM): Wanna go to Manx 2nite?
BritBrit (4:37:30 PM): OK, but i’m wearin’ drawers this time!
Heirhead (4:47:55 PM): LOL! NOT!
BritBrit (4:49:01 PM): Your a bad influence! (Mom sez so!)
Heirhead (4:49:40 PM): OMG! Know what would be funny?
BritBrit (4:51:05 PM): huh
Heirhead (4:51:12 PM): Let’s invite Frcrtch!!!
BritBrit (4:52:27 PM): who?
Heirhead (4:52:49 PM): “LAST CALL” LOHAN!
BritBrit (4:56:50 PM): I thought you hated her!
Heirhead (4:56:59 PM): it’ll be a riot!

Nov. 26
MeanGirl69 (1:24:01 PM): Had a blast last night, guyz! Again 2nite?
Heirhead (1:24:13 PM): um, we’ll see. K?
BritBrit (1:26:00 PM): OMG!!!11! Did you two see my new pics?????
Heirhead (1:26:16 PM): u rock!
MeanGirl69 (1:26:35 PM): Old skool…I was doing that when you were still preggers!
Heirhead (1:26:59 PM): hey frcrtch, I was doing that when you were still fat.
BritBrit: (1:28:15 PM): burn!
MeanGirl69 (1:28:40 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.
Heirhead (1:28:45 PM): right :)~

Nov. 27
Heirhead (5:26:17 PM): The paparazzi love U!
BritBrit (5:30:07 PM): My mom sez I should wear panties.
BritBrit (5:32:13 PM): Sez I need to think of my kids or something…
Heirhead (5:32:34 PM): Girl, that’s where your kids came from ;^)
BritBrit (5:34:55 PM): I KNOW! Hey, are you busy next week?
Heirhead (5:35:02 PM): N2BZ4UQT
BritBrit (5:45:09 PM): huh?
Heirhead (5:45:46 PM): not too busy for you cutie!
BritBrit (5:50:00 PM): oh, hee. Well, WHTBBMAWM?
Heirhead (5:50:09 PM): ???
BritBrit (5:52:13 PM): Wanna host the Billboard Music Awards with me?
Heirhead (5:52:40 PM): that’d be so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 28
Heirhead (6:05:13 PM): Party @ Lotus 2nite!
BritBrit (6:08:09 PM): I dunno I think I should spend time with my baby and my older baby
Heirhead (6:08:12 PM): That’s what nannies are for!

Dec. 1
MeanGirl69 (12:32:06 PM): That wuz so much fun, guyz!
BritBrit (12:35:12 PM): My mom’s so mad. sez I need to stop flashing everybody.
Heirhead (12:35:15 PM): My mom is disappointed in all of us
MeanGirl69 (12:35:18 PM): My mom thought it was cool! Where to now?
BritBrit (12:36:46 PM): um…
Heirhead (12:36:47 PM): Hey Linds, why don’t you go “be adequite” somewhere else?
MeanGirl69 (12:36:50 PM): i’m losing the signal. Not getting ur messages. cant make it tonight. Have another photo-op. oh, well.

Read the whole thing here.
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