A Hot Mess!: Nas on Jay-Z, Jim Jones, Kelis and blunts!

Nas on Jay-Z, Jim Jones, Kelis and blunts!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

This has got to be one of the most ignorant interviews I've ever read. I like Nas though because he keeps it real and he seems genuine when he says he's not really in the industry because the industry is fake. I was out cold when people in the audience were yelling "what up" and asking him to smoke a blunt, during the middle of the interview!

Hip Hop Is Dead is in stores December 19 and it's hot as hell. This album, Ghostface's Fishcale and The Game's Doctor's Advocate are my picks for hip hop albums of the year. Here are some highlights from the interview:

thaFormula.com - (Mr. Choc) - You want to talk about any beefs or anything man? You wanna put any of that out there a little bit?

Nas - The beef thing ain't what it should be. It should be something you really wanna hear. I'm not anxious to hear the Jim Jones diss record. The niggas that used to get a nigga a little nervous was B.I.G., Pac, and even Canibus. Them niggaz used to have you like, "If we go at it dog, we got to go hard." Take like a Jim Jones. I respect you gettin' your money, but that's it.

thaFormula.com - (Mr. Choc) - So your not respecting his lyrical game right now?

Nas - I respect his hustle. That's about it. I was gonna do the “Nigga” album next.

thaFormula.com - (Mr. Choc) - You should call it “The Kramer” album?

Nas - The “Nigga” album was originally the name, that's why I called it The “N,” and you see it on all my posters up here. I was thinking about this next album, "Revenge Is The Best Dish Served Cold," to really address every rap situation out there. Every nigga that's saying my name in a funny way and just make it dedicated to that. But then I said, “it might be contradictory because me and homeboy (Jay-Z) squashed the shit, so why set off something else?” But I do sense something happening. I feel like niggaz is trying to start something.

thaFormula.com - (Mr. Choc) - I think you just need to “Ether” one more MC and I don't think no MC will step to you after that...

Nas - But if it was like Jim Jones, imagine putting a pen to paper and writing about him. Even something nice about him, how do you do that? What's the first sentence? What the fuck do you write about him?

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - What video would you say is your favorite one?

Nas - Probably "Street Dreams."

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Why is that?

Nas‘Cause nigga, I put on that pink shit on first nigga! I don't get no credit yo! I be startin' so much shit yo. I swear to god they don't give me no credit for that shit.

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Yo, what up Nas?

Nas - What up nigga!

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Where is AZ?

Nas - You all like AZ?

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Yeah!

Nas - I'm gonna let him know. Really, ‘cause that nigga don't go nowhere man. I’ve got to find out, he's got a new number everytime. Then I see him in magazines talking about why I don't be coming out to check for a nigga. I got 5 wrong numbers on you nigga!

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Is there a “Belly 2” coming out?

Nas - If you all find DMX, let me know. That nigga is crazy. That's one of the truest niggaz I ever met in this rap shit. You see him, you get what you get. He's not frontin', he's not lyin', he's the truth 100 percent. Actually I did speak to his wife. His wife knows my wife so, we keep the connection and we keep developing a story. There are two studios that want the movie. We’re trying to get it out late 2007. Just for the hood.

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - I just got this one question man. Do you wanna smoke this blunt?

Nas - Now that's what I'm talkin' about nigga. We gonna do that. I'll smoke a blunt with anybody in Cali. In a place like Baltimore, I don't know. But L.A, we blazin' nigga.

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - What made you and Jay just drop all that beef shit and reunite?

Nas - You know after a year I wasn't thinkin' about it and I don't think he was thinkin' about it. When L.A. Reid went to Def Jam, he told my boy, “we need Nas on Def Jam.” I said, “you know what that would be interesting.” He asked how was my relationship with Jay. I said “there is none.” He said he would talk to Jay. He said to me if we wanted to sit down and meet? I said, "if he do," Jay was like, "if he do." We finally figured out a time and a place and it was nothing. Then we just started laughing. It was like empowerment. And these niggaz is so mad! These rap niggaz is so mad dog, you wouldn't believe this shit. You be seeing a nigga that got so much paper mad, like “shiiit!”

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - How do you feel about Kelis’ music? Do you support her 100 percent no matter what she puts out?

Nas - Yeah, dog. She's my inspiration. She just got a Grammy nomination and she's pissed off. I love that shit. This morning she's like, "yeah people told me I got this Grammy nomination." I said, "that's dope." Later on she told me, "I fuckin' hate this Grammy nomination." So I love her for that. An honestly, I'm gonna tell you this secret, secret. I named this album "Hip Hop Is Dead" cause Andre 3000 had produced a joint on her album and they was talking about doing a song called "R&B Is Dead & Hip Hop Is Dead" on her last album. They didn't do it, so I stole that shit nigga! You heard it here first!

thaFormula.com - (Audience) - Hip Hop has spread to all races now. What do you think about Asians like myself that buy your stuff?

Nas - I love that. Y'all spend money. Y'all got cake. I don't know too many broke Asian muthafuckas man. Word is bond.

Read the rest of the interview over at ThaFormula

LMAO @ Kelis being mad at her Grammy nomination. You aren't winning anyway, sweetheart, don't worry. I will be adding Belly 2 to the list of films I need to watch while intoxicated.
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