A Hot Mess!: He's giving candy to kids now.

He's giving candy to kids now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

"There might be no way out left for drug addict Pete Doherty as he was again at the center of all the attention at the London rehabilitation Priory Clinic. Following the incident in which
he let it all out on an unsuspecting male nurse and then trashed his own room, the alleged fiancé of the supermodel Kate Moss is again in trouble.

This time, when the guard assigned to his room was absent, Pete slipped into the adolescent wing of the clinic and was found exactly when he was trying to pass to a young man a small quantity of the killer A-listed drug. The now irrecoverable addict was escorted back to his own ward and into his room. His solicitor was summoned and the matter was settled between him and the management of the clinic.

The solicitor was warned that, if something like this ever happens again, Doherty will be banned from every Priory Clinic all over the United Kingdom. Even more, another bodyguard was placed outside his door, to make sure that the rocker doesn't go rumbling into other wards again.

A source from the posh clinic told one of the British newspapers that this may be the last chance at clemency that Pete gets. 'Pete's been drinking in The Last Chance Saloon for years. This is it. He has broken his bail by having drugs and shown contempt for the law and morality yet again. These are impressionable kids addicted to drugs. The last thing they need is a junkie rock star turning up with a wrap of cocaine', he said about the latest Doherty misadventure. "


There is a crazy amount of Oscar buzz around the movie "Dreamgirls" ( people are saying as many as 8 nominations are possibly in the air! ) but the real Cinderella story behind all of this is Jennifer Hudson( far right ), who is possibly in the running for Best Supporting Actress.

If Beyonce wins anything you will see a grown woman cry on a webcam.


I'd be really pissed off if I worked my ass off to be in the broadway play "Chicago" only to find out that the reason people are showing up is because USHER IS IN IT. I hope Chili shows up and just starts throwing crap at him.


Kristy from The Baby Sitters Club sings now? Wow. Check out her Myspace, dudes! That song "Hello"...I hate to say it...but I'm feeling it.
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