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Video Music Awards

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Everyone has posted VMA pictures so i'm not going to even bother because I'm sure you've seen them all and more.

But there were a few that stood out:

C'mon now. He has just taken it too far. He really does look like a turtle. I just can't get over all of that in his mouth. I bet his teeth look like rocks now.

This picture just rubs me the wrong way. I bet Bam Margera was all like "WHAT'S UP BRO? WILL YOU BE MY NEW BLACK FRIEND? I'M DOWN WITH BLACK PEOPLE MUSIC. I LOVE YOUR PEOPLES MUSIC." Plus, he just looks like a complete tool. Gloves with the fingers cut off? Lol.

Chris Brown is just so cute. I really like his hoodie. Are those really put out cigarettes on it?

Remy Ma and Method Man are the black Sid & Nancy. She really does look like Nancy Spungen in that picture and it's mainly because of the hair.

Jojo has really grown into a beautiful young woman. I'm going to pull a Wendy Williams and say that I think her and Chris Brown are going to end up hooking up. I called Bow Wow and Cassie so i'm going to call this one.
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