A Hot Mess!: short Future Sex/ Love Sounds review

short Future Sex/ Love Sounds review

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Like most people, when I heard that CRAP that they call SexyBack I almost fell out. People have been IMing, e-mailing, and livejournaling me this album but I was just too afraid to even listen to it. Out of nowhere my boyfriend started playing it and yeah at first we were like "This is GARBAGE." But then all of a sudden, as if Timbaland had woken up out of a deep dark coma ( see: Nelly Furtado's latest pile of shit album) the album got off the hook. I'm so mad that they released SexyBack as a single. Who's bright idea was that? Was it some sort of joke? The first few songs sound like they should be on the soundtrack for NBA Jam but maybe they will grow on me? If I start doing meth and going to sketchy dance clubs? To me this album has a bit of an old school R&B feel to it with some crunk added in, depending on what song you are listening to. And you know what? This album is even better if you ignore the fact that he is singing about The Joker.

I'm a nice girl so I will link you to two of the songs that really suprised me. I'm not going to link to the whole album because people are saying that the one that got linked is sort of incomplete. I'm glad because for a minute there I thought they were serious about all of those SexyBack Club, Euro, Miami, Gay, etc remixes.

Chop Me Up Ft. Timbaland and Three Six Mofia
This song is so crunk. I had to turn it off and walk it off because I couldn't believe how tight the beat was. If they don't officially release this as a single then i'm sure some hip hop station will.

My Love ft. T.I. This song is sexy as hell. Good job, Timbaland. You had me scared for a minute.

Future Sex/Love Sounds drops September 12. I didn't think i'd be buying it but I think i'm gonna get it on vinyl.
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