A Hot Mess!: VH1 milking 'Flavor Of Love' dry

VH1 milking 'Flavor Of Love' dry

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Comedian Mo'Nique, well known for her popular sitcom "The Parkers," will serve as the host and judge of VH1's new reality series "Charm School," starring girls from "Flavor Of Love."

The program will put thirteen girls from the two seasons of Flavor Flav's reality show through etiquette boot camp where their social skills will be put to the test.

Each of the ladies will compete in challenges testing poise and grace and will be judged on their ability to handle pressure in difficult situations. The winner of the contest will win a cash prize and the title of "Charm School Queen."

"These girls are outspoken and outrageous, but they need some focus and direction ," said Mo'Nique via a statement. " I'm just the woman to give it to them. You will see a metamorphosis in these girls, I promise!"

The premiere of "Charm School" has yet to be announced.

As SOHH previously reported, VH1 has already begun production on a spin-off of "Flavor Of Love" titled "I Love New York". The show will center on New York as the top prize and 20 single guys will look to win her over.


Damn, just when you thought VH1 couldn't POSSIBLY get anymore mileage out of a single reality show, they go and do it one mo' gin. I guess this means I'll be seeing Buckeey, Bootz and Krazy on covers of King for the next two years? Great. Oh, and Mo'Nique as an etiquette coach? Was the horse from 'Mr. Ed' busy or something?
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