A Hot Mess!: More bad news for Inga

More bad news for Inga

Monday, November 06, 2006

Word is Island Def Jam will not release Foxy Brown's Black Roses on its December due date and in fact may drop the Brooklyn, NY femcee from the label altogther.

"Jay-Z is furious at Foxy's lack of productivity on her album Black Roses," a source told theNew York Post. "He is also mad because Foxy was talking out of school about him and Rihanna and saying things that weren't true. Def Jam planned to release her album around the release of her book, Broken Silence, but Foxy has since lost her publishing deal with Simon & Schuster and has been vigorously shopping her book to others."

Fox has had quite a bad streak as of late. She was recently sentenced to three years probation after being convicted of assaulting a manicurist and she lost a false arrest and defamation judgment against a woman she claimed robbed her two years ago. The Post also reported that an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" recently fell through and that Def Jam is looking to drop her.

"Foxy has absolutely no idea that she is about to get the ax from Jay," the source told The Post. "She's been trying to get meetings with him, and he isn't even returning her phone calls."

A Def Jam spokesperson wouldn't comment. On the other hand, a friend of Foxy's claims everything is in order. "Foxy left Simon & Schuster, not the other way around, and she's about to announce a deal with another book publisher. Her album is fine," the friend told The Post.


Damn, this girl cannot get a break. On the other hand, it doesn't look like ANYONE on Def Jam is getting a release date anytime soon what with Fraggle Rock making his lame comeback and leaving everyone else out to dry. I will say this about Foxy, though, for not having an album out since the beginning of time, she sure knows how to stay in the press.
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