A Hot Mess!: Lumidee is coming back to snatch her crown from Cassie.

Lumidee is coming back to snatch her crown from Cassie.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lumidee has come up a lot in conversations these past few months because of all of the talentless R&B Starlets that have been popping up. People always refer to them as "The next Lumidee" because when she come out her single "Never Leave You (Uh Oh)" was huge and then she just fell off. ( and because she couldn't sing )

Well like I said, 2007 is going to be the year of comebacks and Lumidee is jumping on that train. TVT records has signed Lumidee.

With TVT banking on her as its latest R&B starlet on the rise, it's onward and upward for Lumidee.

"We are thrilled to have [her] join the TVT family," said label President Steve Gottlieb. "She is a proven hit-maker who has not yet shown the world all that she¹s capable of. Everyone is in for a treat."

She was signed to Universal Records when "Uh Oh" heated up on the charts but revealed that going the independent route is "better than being on a major."

"Been there, done that," she quipped. "TVT is a strong indie and I was able to actually see the boss as he signed me!"

Her new album, titled 'Unexpected,' has a release date of next March. The set's first single "Like The Wind" featuring Tony Sunshine is a reworking of the Patrick Swayze hit "She's Like The Wind."

"TVT Records is the perfect way for me to come back and again I¹m coming out of left field, just like with 'Never Leave You (Uh Oh),'" she added. "Nobody ever thought of me coming back on a street credible label like TVT, alongside acts like Pitbull, Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins."

"Actually nobody ever thought of me really even coming back, period."
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