A Hot Mess!: MC Harvey beds Javine Hylton

MC Harvey beds Javine Hylton

Monday, November 06, 2006

Now I'm not really familiar with these people at all but when I read this on Ohnotheydidnt I thought this was pretty dirty and had to post it.

MC HARVEY and singer JAVINE HYLTON have been rumbled having an affair.

The pair were caught in bed at Javine’s house by her boyfriend KARL “KG” GORDON last week — and he immediately phoned Harvey’s wife ALESHA DIXON to let her know the sordid news.

Former MIS-TEEQ singer Alesha has now moved out of the marital home, sickened by her husband’s betrayal with a woman she had counted as a friend.

Harvey and Javine have been starring together in the London musical Daddy Cool.

A source said last night: “Alesha is beside herself with anger, disbelief and pain. She is in pieces.

“She thought her relationship with Harvey was strong. She thought she’d be with him for ever. She has known Javine for a long time and even raved about her performance in Daddy Cool.

“Alesha feels totally humiliated by Harvey. It is so much worse that she knows the other party.”


That is a hot ass mess! His wife is gorgeous! I can't understand why he would cheat on her with THAT. Lol that chick looks like a british Keyshia Cole!
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