A Hot Mess!: *Eats own words*

*Eats own words*

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I promised myself I would not get excited about anymore of these "new" 2pac songs or collections, a.k.a. Afeni Shakur dragging her dead son's legacy through the mud by letting people like Trick Daddy rap on his songs and Eminem produce to make obscene amounts of money off his name. I promised myself, but I had to give "Play Ya Cardz Right (Female)" from Pac's Life, in stores November 21, a listen because it features Keyshia Cole. And guess what, I like it.

I know, I know. But before you crucify me, give it a listen. This is real smooth.

I should have seen this coming ever since Keyshia started calling out R&B starlets on her mixtape, ending with "Better ask somebody, if Tupac was here, you could ask him, but n***a, rest in peace." She claims her brother was friends with him.
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