A Hot Mess!: Kate Bosworth needs some help.

Kate Bosworth needs some help.

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Kate Bosworth at the Luella Bartley S/S 07 show. As we all know, her and Orlando Bloom have finally ended their fake relationship. Well, maybe it was real because she seems to have gained some weight. Maybe she did what girls do when they get dumped and made ice cream her best friend? She was looking scary there for a minute. She's still really skinny though.

But Look at that hair! Someone get her some Neutrogena Triple Moisture, STAT! I mean what the hell, it looks like she's wearing a wig. I know WHY it looks like this but you'd think with her kind of money she'd try to fix this. Naomi Campbell is bald as hell but her hair is still kind of fly. Kind of. Someone get Kate Bosworth a hot oil treatment. Pink Oil Moisturizer. ANYTHING.


It makes me really sad that Janet Jackson's popularity has gone down the drain so far that now she has to pose half naked on all of these crap magazines and talk about how she loves sex and is glad J.D. can keep up with her drive. Why haven't we really heard anything about her album? I mean when is it even coming out? Has it come out? Everything about Janet is now "Her life after nipplegate!" "Janet talks about anal sex!" "Janet talks about oral sex!" "Janet talks about lesbian sex!" "Janet talks about her breasts!" I mean this is Janet Jackson. We should be celebrating her 20 years in the business and not talking about that troll. I'm so mad that she has come to this while they are letting Cassie perform at NFL Halftime shows.

The Throwback Video of the Day is Tennessee by Arrested Developement.

edit: Damn I didn't know mediatakeout.com did throwback videos, too! Whoops. That is really weird because I had no idea.
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