A Hot Mess!: Justine Simmons' baby dies

Justine Simmons' baby dies

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In some tragic and shocking news, it's been announced that Justine Simmons, wife of Rev Run and co-star of MTV's "Run's House", gave birth to a baby girl who died shortly after a c-section due to complications with her organs.

After shocking fans with the announcement of her pregnancy last season, the MTV cameras were apparently in the hospital when the Simmons received their terrible news, though there's no word on whether or not the cameras were in the delivery room.

I am really saddened by this. It's a sad thing to happen to anyone but I really love the Simmons family, I want them to adopt me. Everyone keep them in your prayers.


In some lighter news, it looks like Christina Milian was successful in selling her clothes for some petty cash judging by these pictures at a recent performance:

I still love her broke ass and she IS sexy, but her behind is looking a little nasty in that second picture. Glitter, I think. I hope.


I've heard through the grapevine (read: my loser friends who watch MTV and BET countdown shows) that Ludacris has been running his mouth a little too much. He allegedly dropped TWO bombs: that Vanessa Minnillo was quitting her VJ gig on TRL and that Nas is now signed to Disturbing The Peace on TRL and 106, respectively. The other TRL hosts apparently shut him up and kept it moving while everyone collectively rolled their eyes and Nas emasculating himself again.

And to wrap this post up, let's take a look at Michelle Williams looking a mess again:

You can tell as soon as Beyonce broke away from Destiny's Child she took her stylist/makeup artist with her. WHAT is on her ear? One of those hands-free phone things?
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