A Hot Mess!: Janet Jackson is everywhere... except Billboard.

Janet Jackson is everywhere... except Billboard.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Janet Jackson's new album is coming out tomorrow and she has been getting lots of publicity -- about how fat she was for awhile and about how her titty was exposed TWO YEARS AGO -- but not so much about her music.

Ignoring the fact that both of her singles aren't doing very well, and that I've heard the rest of 60 Years Old and it's really not that good, it'll be interesting to see how she does in her first week. She has a lot of controversy surrounding her which can translate to sales, but then again she did when her last album came out too and that thing flopped something awful.

In any event, she was on Oprah today and performed a few songs:

"Nasty Boys"

"So Excited"

Even though her background dancers look like a community center production of Rent, I'm not mad at this. Janet can really still dance and she deserves props for that. I wish Khia would have been there to do her verse on "So Excited". Imagine, the woman who sang "lick my pussy and my crack" on Oprah? The possibilities. The first time I heard her say "Is you hungry?!" on this song I half expected her to tell me to fry that chicken.
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