A Hot Mess!: "Boondocks" Strip coming to an end in November.

"Boondocks" Strip coming to an end in November.

Monday, September 25, 2006
Well it looks like Aaron McGruder's comic "The Boondock Saints" will be no more. The show will continue to run on cartoon network though.

"Aaron is a brilliant cartoonist who brought a revolutionary voice to the comics pages," Universal President Lee Salem said. "Our hope is that we can work with him in the future, either in newspapers or in different media."

I'm kind of disappointed even though the strip was falling off. I really hated the first couple of episodes I saw on Cartoon Network so much that I haven't even tried to catch it since. Is it worth it? If the show has gotten better then maybe I'll catch it. I really wish he would have continued with it but he says he has other projects that he would like to work on. I'm sure we will see other amazing projects from him in the future but this really is a great loss.

Papers that still carry "Boondocks" reruns can continue them until Nov. 26.
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