A Hot Mess!: Foxy gets the ol' heave-ho at Power 105

Foxy gets the ol' heave-ho at Power 105

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Foxy Brown is at it again and I've stopped being surprised at these antics. This time, Foxy stopped through at New York City's Power 105 to do an interview with DJs Egypt and Ashy Larry. Whenever they asked her a question about things of interest (her court cases, album release, etc.), the feisty rapper irritably dodged the questions. Upon a minor blow-up amongst the three, Larry asked Egypt if he should leave the room, to which Egypt replied, "No... Foxy, you can leave the room. Thank you for joining the show." Snap!

Click here to listen to Foxy and the DJs getting into it.

(spotted over at The.Life)

She needs to take this act on the road. Erin and I think she and Naomi Campbell should team up to do a mixtape. Foxy will rap and Naomi will talk shit like the British chick on that Total song "I Tried".
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