A Hot Mess!: Deja Vu New York City Premiere

Deja Vu New York City Premiere

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Denzel Washington

Paula Patton and Denzel Washington

Paula Patton was out here looking really nice and once again without her husband Robin Thicke I've never seen them together outside of his videos.

Jada was there looking fantastic!

Damn she looks like she's about to wreck shop on someone right here.
Christina Ricci has been popping up lately. I don't like what she's wearing but I think she looks great!

Derek Luke

And his wife. I think it's his wife? It just has her listed as "Sophia"

Oh my. What is Freddy Jackson doing there and who is that HAM? Even Wireimages was like "uhhh Freddy Jackson and Guest." Kind of looks like the Stepmom from Moesha doesn't it?
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