A Hot Mess!: "Ho, sit down" of the week

"Ho, sit down" of the week

Friday, November 17, 2006

"I want to be bigger than Puff. I respect Puff, I love Puff’s grind, but I’m making moves at 19. You never heard of anyone owning anything at 19. A person owning a McDonald’s [and sneaker chain] at 19 is huge. I say give me 10 years to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully I can be bigger than Puff. And Puff is a real good friend of mine."


I'm hearing The Price of Fame is going to be Bow Wow's last album, something I can only pray for, mostly so I won't have to deal with sound bites like this anymore. First you SOMEHOW manage to scoop up someone like Ciara, but then you mess it up. Then you have the audacity to approach Ron Isley and insinuate you've sold more records than him. And now you think you're gonna be the next Diddy? I'm glad you own that McDonald's, because once you retire and Sammie's rapping play cousin takes your place you'll have that manager position to fall back on. Ho, sit down!

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