A Hot Mess!: Who are you again?!

Who are you again?!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brooke Crittenden, the former trophy girl/beard to Kanye West, is in this month's Vibe Vixen talking bold about her purported role in the industry. Crittenden, who got the boot from 'Ye after bragging about her relationship with him on a Myspace blog (ouch), is determined to keep it moving, because she is, in her words, a "star" after all. Some hilarious quotes from the interview with this MTV assistant (no lie)...

On the possibility of sucking more dick for fame dating another celebrity:
"Stars gravitate towards each other," she said. "And I'm way too dynamic not to be with someone who isn't a star."
(Twenty bucks says Bill Maher scoops her up)

On the haters hatin' on her when she's doin' big thangs:
"It's hurtful when people say, 'I wish I could've seen her face when she saw [West] and his fiancée at the Video Music Awards'… Why would you say that? Why is everyone happy to see me suffer."
(I defy her to give me the names of two people who said this)

On being a star:
"I was working with Nivea and she asked me, 'What do you do?' I said, Nothing. Her manager told me, 'From now on, tell people you're in the industry and you're a star.' From that moment on, that's exactly what I did."
(Not to be mean but I don't think Nivea's manager is the best person to be asking for advice on this subject)


This is just ridiculous. She better be glad I found this after I did my "Ho, sit down" with Bow Wow last week. Soon she will be Eye Candy in XXL, cover girl for King and co-hosting "Student Center" on BET. Ah, as the world turns, the cycle of talentess pretty chicks continues...
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