A Hot Mess!: It's good to be Lil' Wayne.

It's good to be Lil' Wayne.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Lil' Wayne is having the best week ever! By now I'm sure everyone's heard that Weezy and Wanna-Beyoncé are the next, um, "super couple" of hip-hop, but did you also know that Wayne is going to be the first rapper to rock Kobe's new #24 jersey?

"When Kobe heard about [an upcoming L.A. concert date], he reached out to me ’cause he’s a fan of my music and I’m a fan of his skills on the court…He said he wanted me to be the first to represent his new jersey, number 24, and I was with it!"


Well, damn! First he escaped Trina's cheap scent for a girl with much more (family) money and now he's rockin' Kobe's jersey. Can life get any better?

I'm gonna have to go off for a second and talk about this abomination MTV calls "MTV Trés", or excuse me, "Tr3s". I'm especially having a problem with the catch phrase "One + Uno = Trés." As if the conservatives don't have enough issues with Latinos, now they're gonna think we can't do simple arithmetic.

But seriously, do we really need "Mi TRL", "Sucker Free Trés" and "Los Hits" (I swear I'm not making these titles up)? For the "kick-off" they had Nelly Furtado do her Spanish songs, and four Latin VJs (including Susie, who looks like she was told she was Latina, much to her shock, four minutes before the launch) interviewing people like Zoe Saldaña. It's kind of sad, actually. They should have just been like "We found as many people in the business with Hispanic-sounding last names as we could for this kick-off. Here is Mary Ortiz, a makeup artist to Demi Moore on the set of Striptease."

Monica's new album comes out tomorrow and I'm gonna shamelessly plug it because I've heard it and it's quite good. I've always loved her for her voice, but I loved her even more when she recently said she was gonna drive to New York to fight Ms. Jones for making some nasty comments about her. The reason for driving? "I can't take what I need on the plane." Now that's gangsta!
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