A Hot Mess!: Is Mel B Pregnant by Eddie Murphy?

Is Mel B Pregnant by Eddie Murphy?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Now people are saying that Mel B and Eddie Murphy are expecting a child. I have no words for this!!

MEL B's romance with Eddie Murphy took another twist yesterday when sources close to the couple claimed she was pregnant.

Pals of showbiz's odd couple said the baby was conceived almost as soon as their relationship began and the former Spice Girl is four months gone.

The couple are said to be delighted with the news and Mel "hasn't stopped grinning" since she found out.

She returned to Leeds last week to see her family and appeared to have a slight bump.

She is now back in Los Angeles amid rumours she is set to have the comedian's baby.

An LA source said yesterday: "People have heard she is about four months pregnant, which is about as long as their relationship has been going on.

"They seem delighted and Mel hasn't stopped grinning.

"The relationship is very strong. There is no ring on her finger yet but no one would be surprised if they got married without too much notice."

It will be Eddie's sixth child while Mel has a daughter, Phoenix Chi, seven, from her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar.

Mel, 31, and Jimmy divorced in 2001, while Eddie's wife Nicole Murphy divorced him earlier this year.

Eddie, 45, and Mel were introduced at a party in Beverly Hills.

( Daily Record )
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