A Hot Mess!: Black Movie Awards HBO After Party

Black Movie Awards HBO After Party

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tonya Lee and Spike Lee.

Kimberly Elise

Omarosa and her implants. I'm so mad that people keep inviting her to events!!

Niecy "LOL" Nash

Wesley Jonathan and Dencye Lawton

Tracee Ellis Ross and her brother Evan Ross. I can't get over how bad he fell off because he was so cute in ATL. DOWNGRADE OF THE YEAR.

Anthony Anderson was invited.

Omarion looking like he's playing dress up.

Darren Henson has always been a bit off to me ( remember that dance exercise dvd he came out with? ) so seeing him with this baby 'hawk mess on his head isn't really that suprising to me.

Meet the Peebles. Because Melvin Van Peebles is a legend, I will not talk bad about his family. (...DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! )
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