A Hot Mess!: Garry Marshall says Lohan is A-OK!

Garry Marshall says Lohan is A-OK!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Did Lindsay Lohan's late-night shenanigans get in the way of her upcoming drama Georgia Rule? Not really, says director Garry Marshall. Despite all the negative press she received this summer while shooting the film, Marshall says the young starlet never let him down. "I think Lindsay's going to shock everybody, because she's so good," he tells me exclusively. "She's already an icon at 20." Lohan took a public beating in July after I broke the news that she missed a day of shooting Georgia because she claimed she was hospitalized with heat exhaustion. At the time, a scathing letter from Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson to Lohan was leaked to the press. The producer slammed the actress for using "bogus excuses" to cover up her "all-night partying."

In the flick, Lohan plays an unruly teenager whose mother (Felicity Huffman) sends her to live with her grandmother (Jane Fonda) for the summer. "Yeah, Lindsay may be running all around town," says Marshall, "but when she comes to me, she acts." Hey, L.L., stick with Marshall. Remember, he's the guy who directed Julia Roberts back in her breakout role in Pretty Woman.


Listen, I'm no Lindsay Lohan fan (though I am sickly captivated by her) but I was sick of everyone jumping on the bandwagon just because the girl likes to have a little dranky drank every once in awhile. From what I've seen of her recent roles (Prairie House Companion) she really is a pretty good actress. I'm not mad at you LiLo, even if you are on coke and pay paparazzi to stalk you!

DJ AM and Michelle "Blindingly Pale" Trachtenberg are apparently an item now. I wish Adam and Nicole Richie would just get over themselves and get back together. Both of their goony asses just look right together.
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