A Hot Mess!: JLo at it again

JLo at it again

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Jenniefer Lopez yells at a flight attendant

...for not making her coffee.

The Latin diva is said to have flown into a rage after she asked for a double espresso and was told that they couldn't make her one.

J.Lo, famed for her outrageous demands, took out her frustration on the stunned stewardess, hurling a torrent of hurtful insults at her.

The unnamed hostess is quoted on website AirlineCrew.net as saying: "She yelled at me because I could not make her a double espresso and then she told me my shoes looked cheap."

Lopez has also been added to an online blacklist called the "S****y Tipper Database" after she left a tip of just $1.27 on $350 restaurant bill in New York.

( Celebrity Wonder )

I believe it, too! I'm sure she had to pick up some bad habits from Diddy. This really makes me mad because just yesterday we saw her getting her start on In Livin' Color. Hell, the dancers would barely let her get in the front and now she thinks she can yell at people.
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