A Hot Mess!: Ron Artest - Tru FLOP

Ron Artest - Tru FLOP

Thursday, November 09, 2006

LOL. OK, so ya'll know Ron Artest? Thinks he's a rapper, likes to smack people, etc. etc. Well he has a record label called "Tru Warier" and of course, the marquee artist is HIM. (And we won't even bother to talk about how he can't spell 'warrior' -- WOW.)

Wellllll apparently dude only sold 250 copies of his new release (plus 91 street date violations), according to Soundscan and other various outlets, for a whopping grand total of 341.


Which, in the grand scheme of things, might as well be 0! (And btw, who bothered to BOOTLEG THIS SH!T!?)

That means, his momma bought 5, he bought 200, his agents bought 10, and the rest were the poor souls who got in on sale at Best Buy for $4.99 LOL.

He would have done better giving them away for free on Crenshaw & MLK in South Central along with a free bean pie and "The Final Call"!

Please, as if you need any more indication, drop that mic like a Hep-B NBA groupie!
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