A Hot Mess!: LL Cool J on Jay-Z & 50 Cent

LL Cool J on Jay-Z & 50 Cent

Thursday, November 30, 2006

When Jay-Z came out of retirement, he left many people dissapointed. Sure, he pleased many of his fans, but some folks just weren't having it. Enter: LL Cool J. LL, who has led Def Jam to a fortune since his debut, is ready to leave and he's blaming Jigga.

"How am I gonna re-sign with competition? I'm not a idiot," he said of his President Carter. "I can't depend on that man to promote my record while he's somewhere writing rhymes. ... I'm LL Cool J. I ain't doing that, B."

Fret not. LL may even stay...for the right price.

"I would rock with Def Jam if they wrote a big enough check," he told MTV, with a laugh. "Me and Jay would be on that yacht like, 'Hov! Hov! Write that check, homie.' "

His next album, executive produced by 50 Cent, may have some of his R&B loving listeners shocked.

"I'm absolutely going to pulverize these cats...It's going to be hysterical. It's like a Mama Said Knock You Out type of record or Mr. Smith type of record. It's a very good record. My last three records were R&B and more of me getting kinda into the emotional side of what I do. This is the aggressive side. Just ego. I'm getting into the party free, regardless. We unlocking the back door and sneaking 50 people in. This album, I'mma do a little street-corner joint. Smack them around, turn 'em upside down and shake the change out their pockets."

LL also knows fans may be wondering why he has chosen to roll with 50. He explained that as well.

"We're from Queens. We're seven years apart in age. He knows what I'm into. We come from the same experience, so the music reflects that. And let's face it, 50 reminds me of a place I was in awhile ago. I have been running around on tours. I have been in the suites, and I haven't been on the blocks smelling like Guinness lately. It's fun to work with somebody who rekindles those flames and makes me hungry again. It's definitely working."

LL is also working on an upcoming mixtape project. Stay tuned.


Now listen, I agree with what LL is saying about Jay-Z putting himself first, but he lost me when he started talking about "taking it back to the old LL" or whatever. He knows he needs to stop. He is pushing 40 (is he 40 now?) and has been doing love songs for the past 10 years. People are not going to be buying it. Oh, and 50 Cent blows so there's another reason why this new album will be trash.
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