A Hot Mess!: New music from Amerie

New music from Amerie

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Amerie's third album Because I Love It (?! yeah, I dunno either) is set to drop January 2007. A few tracks have leaked off this album, and what I like about Amerie is even though she doesn't have the best voice, she tries new stuff. That song "Some Like It" (Edit: snippet here) that leaked a few months ago straight up sounds like a Maybelline commercial - and I like it (no pun intended)! Anyway, this is the latest:

"That's What U Are" - Amerie

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Edit: Odeo is acting up, so you can listen to the song here, as well.

I like this, but it could be better - also keep in mind it's an unfinished version. Some more info on the album: Amerie will be collaborating with Rich Harrison as usual, as well as Cee-Lo and The Buchanans, who produced some stuff for Jay-Z during the Black Album era.
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