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Less words, more pictures

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wendy "Noxeema Jackson" Williams and Kym Whitley at an Alize promotion for The Wendy Williams Experience, which airs Fridays at 11:30 pm on VH1. Everyone watch, Wendy is hilarity!

Keyshia Cole showed up to perform and spend some time with her formerly incarcerated mama, Franky Lons.

"My forehead is bigger than that." Rihanna promotes a new perfume from Clinique, happy.

What in the hell is Wilmer Valderrama, seen here making an appearance on MTV Tres, wearing?

Here begins the section of this post I call "Famous White Chicks Dyking." New BFFs Fergie and Ashlee Simpson look like Michael Jackson and his oft-veiled daughter, respectively, going to grab a bite at Mr. Chow's.

Rumer Willis really needs to start doing something other than being Bruce and Demi's daughter, because I'm getting sick of seeing her. I guess she's starting by indulging in a kiss with Lindsay Lohan. Whatever.

Throwback of the Day: "Candy Rain" by Soul IV Real (1995)

What was the production budget for this video? $100? I like the glittery streamers from Party City hanging in the background while they break it down like a poor man's Jackson 5. This song (and a few other songs they put out) were hot but you could tell they were gonna be over as soon as the youngest one (and lead singer) went through puberty. Enjoy!
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