A Hot Mess!: Maybe you should try Mayberry

Maybe you should try Mayberry

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm sure everyone has heard about Shaquille O'Neal's moonlighting gig as a deputy while he's not on the court in Miami. Well, if you didn't think it sounded like a bad idea when you first heard it, here's some more evidence for you.

In a botched child pornography raid in Bedford County, VA, Shaq and his cohorts with the Blue Ridge Thunder Unit reportedly kicked down the door of the wrong house and held the family inside at gunpoint and "taunted" them while they confiscated their computers.

Though it was later discovered the IP address used was incorrect, Shaq denied that he had been involved, saying simply "it wasn't me" even after the sheriff's office confirmed the story. Sure, it was that other 7'1" 325 lb. black dude.

(Miami Herald)

And since we haven't done one of these in a minute...

Throwback of the Day: "Kissing You" by Total (1996)

LMAO @ Kima playing that guitar. I'm surprised Raphael Saadiq didn't put on a dress and get all up in the video since he produced it. He would have looked more feminine than Pam, anyway. This video doesn't make no type of sense! But that's Bad Boy videos from this era for you... who remembers Faith's clip for "You Used To Love Me" with some chick calling up Biggie and about to jump out a window over a cat or something?
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