A Hot Mess!: Amerie talks greazy on Beyoncé!

Amerie talks greazy on Beyoncé!

Friday, October 27, 2006

So, since my last post about her, Amerie put out her mess of a mixtape where she mumbled some random phrases about her "struggle" and "haters" (sounds like the comments section on this blog) over some current hip hop beats. The highlight that has music fans buzzing, though, is her alleged diss toward Beyoncé, which I will admit that I picked up on right away. She's implying that Beyoncé took some of her vocal stylings and song types (i.e., working with Rich Harrison) and ran with them, especially for the B'Day album. To be fair, though, Amerie's work with Rich was NOTHING like it is now until after Beyoncé put out "Crazy In Love".

Here are some lyrics to "Because I Love It":

Six months, and y'all done checked my style
Thinkin I was M.I.A., that's wishful thinkin', child
It's obvious to see,
Chickens try to bite it,
But they can't cop my delivery.
My style, my aggression on the track,
When y'all chicks know yall wasn't singing like that, yeah!
Go and chase that track.
Pay a hundred stack,
But you can't buy my sound,
Can't take my flow,
Can't bag my swag,
No, *Nooo-ooo-ooo*

*sung like Beyoncé's "Green Light"*

Listen to Amerie getting brolic here.
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