A Hot Mess!: Teairra Mari dropped from Roc-a-fella?

Teairra Mari dropped from Roc-a-fella?

Monday, October 30, 2006

I know, I know, a lot of you out there are like "Who?" Teairra Mari came out in 2005 with the song "Make Her Feel Good" and the self-titled album came out the same year. It was a little messy but overall it was cute and I thought she had potential for growth. Apparently Jay-Z disagrees.

Teairra has been removed from the Roc-a-fella roster, and her official Myspace lists her label type as "indie". Hmmm...

One of her blogs also mentions that she's been dissed in the past by Roc-a-fella, since only "big" artists are allowed to put up new music on their Myspaces which she was barred from doing. Awwww. I just wanna comfort her cute lil' ass.

The thing I'm most mad about is of all these Def Jam-affiliated R&B chicks (including T, Christina Milian and Megan Rochell), Rihanna is the one who is getting the most attention, and she is the least talented. Ugh.
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