A Hot Mess!: Kanye West Feeling Himself Too Hard: Take 12,920. ACTION!

Kanye West Feeling Himself Too Hard: Take 12,920. ACTION!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The thing about being black is when another black person acts a fool, all other races look to you for clarification like that fool is speaking a foreign language. I believe for the last time, i'm done translating Kanye West's diva tantrums to the world. I'm done. At the MTV Europe awards, Kanye West was nominated for three EMAs, Best Male, Best Hip Hop and Best Video of the Year. On the red carpet, he submitted his order for award statues as Ye said, "I should definitely win best hip-hop. I should definitely win that (best video) also."

Well, Best Hip Hop went to Mr. West as predicted, and we saw a happy, celebratory Kanye. As the night went on and built with anticipation for the night's final award, Kanye must've been downing the liquid courage because he looked lit. Finally, Best Video came and went, without Kanye seizing victory. Instead, Justice Vs Simian a french DJ duo captured the award for the video "WE are your friends". But Kanye, full of yac, just couldn't accept defeat from a second tier Basement Jaxx. When DJ Justice walked onstage to accept his award, Kanye decided to follow. Somehow, Kanye found a microphone and angrily spewed: "AWW HELL NO!" DJ Justice replied with, "You won already." "We've gotta share the wealth but F**k this! This video cost a million dollars fam! I had Pam Anderson, i'm jumpin across canyons and s**t!" DJ Justice said "Now you're going to have to share." Kanye continued with "OH HELL...OH! Aye, if i don't win, the award show loses credibility. I appreciate it man, it's nothing against you, i never did see your video, it's nothing against you. But hell no man. I love y'all. Timberland man, bitches hot." You can video video at MTV.ca's Overdrive under the news section.

Yes, that really happened. This isn't the first time the VMAs had a stage-jack happen this year. Nicholas "Sixx" King ran onstage at this year's MTV VMAs at Radio City Music Hall when Jennifer Lopez was about to present Panic! At The Disco the award for Video of the Year. You can relive that below. I think it's time for MTV to start looking into getting some security. With a number of celebrities coked up and drunk at these award shows, the lax security is going to completely disregard Courtney Love lunging at Madonna with a butcher knife as she's about to accept Video of the Year.

Kanye was notably absent from that stage-jack though. Touch the Sky wasn't even nominated for one VMA despite making the deadline for consideration. Maybe the Euro award is just cooler than a normal moonman. I personally am waiting for Bjork to crash the MTV Asia stage to complete the trifecta. Bobby Brown, you could still show up at the MTV Latin America awards as a wild card.

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