A Hot Mess!: Faith Hill Has a BF At The CMAs

Faith Hill Has a BF At The CMAs

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill was one of five nominees in arguably the toughest category in the entire CMAs, Female Vocalist of the Year. When it was revealed that Carrie Underwood was the winner, Faith Hill (who was standing backstage) didn't exactly display the portrait of a gracious winner. In true Kanye West fashion, the diva freaked out and let out a full bodied "WHAT?!" right on camera for the nation to see. Faith Hill's publicist passed it off as her just joking and that she would never disrespect a fellow artist like that.

Expect Faith Hill's Carrie Underwood diss to appear on the Game's next mixtape The Diva's Advocate with appearances from Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Condelezza Rice. In your local bodega November 17th.

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