A Hot Mess!: Diddy Runs The Soundscan Report

Diddy Runs The Soundscan Report

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Burger King: "I Run This NY Sh*t."

Diddy knows what it is. In the era of the "hip hop flop" you have to pull out all of the stops. By appearing everywhere from YouTube to Myspace to jumping from behind the dumpster near Starbucks on Broadway shouting "PRESS PLAY!" to little Armenian ladies. This week his omnipresent PR campaign paid off as he landed the number one spot on the billboard charts this week with 176,332. As everyone knows with Hip Hop albums though, the real test comes next week when almost every hip hop album posted a decrease of 30% or more after high first week sales. Diddy should hold off on celebrating for a hot minute. Fellow producer Pharrell kicked off his first week sales with 142, 000 and has yet to go gold. I'm personally holding out for Diddy to pay me to be in my top 8. $5,000 a day Didds, holla atcha boi. Goths with seizures, Evanescence followed Diddy at number 2 with 107,000 sold.

Jojo took time out from her Teena Marie Debutante classes to sell 105,770 and capture the number 3 spot. Justin Timberlake is still hanging in with another 95,697 who will never know the joy of "Atlantic Records for T.I. clearance". 81,298 were disappointed when they found out the hard way that Dirks Bentley isn't a new Cee Lo Greene project but a boot-in-a-terrorist's ass country western singer. RUUUUBENNN STUDDARD is still getting his ass kicked by Clay Aiken in sales as he enter's this week's top 200 with 69,769. Rube, you need to start being sexually ambiguous dog, i'm just saying, relax the wrist. Rod Stewart, Tony Bennett, The Killers and Hinder also made top ten appearences this week.

The more noteable story comes from Lloyd Banks. The G-Unit stiff's album Rotten Apple was ripe last week landing him in the number three spot. This week the flop squad was waiting to see how much of a drop the Banks was going to suffer. After sporting a 68% drop in sales posting 48,534 everyone is getting their flopped stamps out. G-Unit stans are furious over the comedy of errors that was Rotten Apple's promotional budget. After the numbers came out, it looked like the most famous member of the flop squad, the Ga(y)me had his Mr. Microphone ready and recorded a fresh diss for that ass to hear.

The Game - "Soundscan" (zshare link, more like Soundstan, amirite?)

Apparently the Game's infatuation with G-Unit continues all the way to his obsession with sales numbers. He does hit some punchlines hard by christening members of G-Unit with new monikers like Jay Leno, Tony Homo and Young F*ck. Isn't that special? He also bites off a little more he can chew by asking Young Buck a personal question: "Young Buck, when your album coming out/Nah for real Go ask 50 when your album coming out". Lloyd Banks has nothing to say to the opportunistic Game because he has a point. With lackluster promotion, production and hunger, this album shows Banks as a shell of the rapper he was. He needs to get hungry again and come out with a better effort than this.

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